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Our Goals at The Organic Consumer

Consumers make purchasing decisions every day that impact the environment and society, both near and far. There is usually no single best choice, nor one "Right" choice for all people.  This is true with regard to the environmental, social, personal financial and other consequences.

However, the dogma of the traditional environmental-social movement has been centered around polarized positions, often taking an all-or-nothing approach.

This is not the approach of The Organic Consumer.  As the name implies, we aim to help the mainstream consumer make choices that move that person and his family, and in his job or school, toward a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle that has minimal adverse effects upon the environment, society and his or her own finances, and lifestyle.

We aim to provide information in an easy-to-understand and entertaining format that provides practical, achievable guidance to the myriad of purchasing and consuming choices that each consumer faces daily in his home and work life. Wherever possible, we will cite hard evidence supporting the selection or decision, and provide links to reputable sources of reference information, credible research and studies. Anecdotal and empirical information will be provided, but may be flagged with a caution, as it may not be statistically robust or come from a clearly biased source.

Over time, we expect some of our recommendations to change, as new information becomes available and conditions change. Therefore, an answer to a particular question today may be different in a year hence.

This ought to be viewed as a sign that we do not have dogmatic, intransigent or biased positions, but reflects a healthy approach to sound decision making. Without this approach, we would still believe the earth is flat!

Finally, we welcome suggestions, opinions and sources of additional information.  we fully expect to become the target of the vested interests at either end of the political and social spectrum: environmental extremists and corporate fat cats will both criticize our recommendations for failing to be extreme enough... in their direction.  Whether it is recommending that the U.S. cut back on greenhouse gas emissions or suggesting that disposable diapers make sense, we expect that a few will always criticize the choice. We will take that as a sign that we have found the common sense middle ground and are helping people live a better life in closer harmony with their global and local environment and society.

The Organic Consumer

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Summary: what to do


The Organic Consumer

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Somewhere between living like a caveman and living like a chemist, there's the organic consumer!
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