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Welcome to practical, healthier, more environmentally friendly living; on a budget

Are you looking for sensible, credible information and guidance to help you live a healthier, more environmentally friendly and socially responsible lifestyle... without the income of a Hollywood movie star or living in a tree? The Organic Consumer is here to help guide you! See the buttons at left, or click on the Contents button at the top of each screen, to see categories and topics.

What will you find here?

We try to provide verifiable, objective, documented facts and a clear analysis to help you understand, quickly and easily, what you can do to live a healthier lifestyle and reduce your reduce your impact on the environment. The same answer won't work for everyone, so we try to point out the options and consequences, and let you decide what you can afford to do.

Who will find this website useful?

It is our belief that there is a large segment of the population whose needs are not being addressed.  They want to eat healthy organic foods and live an environmentally responsible lifestyle; but they don't want to give up disposable diapers or split logs every day to heat their home. They aren't wealthy Hollywood movie stars who can afford to buy a solar-powered car. They have cars and mortgages. They want practical , actionable information that will help them be more socially responsible and healthier.

Who won't find this website useful?

If the environment or a specific diet are a dogma to you; or if you believe that all that is wrong with the world can be blamed on capitalism, governments, aliens from Alpha Centuri, Satan, or the boogeyman of your choosing; and that we should all live in the woods and eat nuts and berries, then this website is not going to appeal to you.

What's different about The Organic Consumer?

Most groups promoting an environmentally conscious lifestyle and in particular organically grown foods and products have either espoused a frugal, minimalist lifestyle, or required huge sums of disposable income to afford the products.

"The Organic Consumer" aims to bridge the gap by providing pragmatic information and sources of affordable, practical organic products and services to help these people move closer to their lifestyle goals!

We look forward to your feedback!

What about the advertisements I see on The Organic Consumer

We receive no funding from the government, nor any big company (or small ones for that matter).  Funding to develop the website is provided from donations from individuals and outside advertising.  The advertising is provide by ad aggregators, so we have no advance knowledge about who will advertise what.

The advertising is a necessary evil: it provides funds to help us make information available, but we do not have a business relationship with the advertisers, nor do we recommend their products.  When we do make recommendations to specific products, we will state so, explicitly, in the text, not in an ad box.


The Organic Consumer

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